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Polished Concrete Floor
Ultima Floor

Unique solution providing reflexive gloss,high resistance to abrasion, stains and chemical agents. Easy to keep clean. Its wide range of colours allows to adjust to individual investor`s expectations as well as to create avant garde, unusual arrangements. Bautech Ultima is ideal for places which require durability, originality and highest level of aesthetics.

Creativo Floor 

Creativo Floor - a perfect fusion of micro - concrete and progressive polymers.Pure innovation among floors. The system lets you to manually create unique and original textures combined with abundant colouring. It can be used at various horizontal or vertical floors which is a powerful tool in the hands of an architect and interior designer.

Creativo micro-concrete floor
Polished Concrete Floor
Polished Concrete Floor

Here at Polished Concrete Plus we give you the opportunity to choose how you would like to see your floor. We have various options on how we use our technology to create amazing floors for your home or business.First you will start to explore the possibilities which we can offer, we would like to familiarize you with the process of polishing floor itself as we think it is an important part for you before you make any further decisions on how you want your floors to look like...

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