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Polishing Concrete Floor Finish

Creativo - decorative floor

Creativo stands for a modern style, unique character and individuality. Unconventional results emphasizing interior

designs and avant - garde arrangements.

Creativo Floor - a perfect fusion of micro - concrete and progressive polymers.Pure innovation among floors. The system lets you to manually create unique and original textures combined with abundant colouring. It can be used at various horizontal or vertical floors which is a powerful tool in the hands of an architect and interior designer.


  • For use in flats, apartments, lofts, residences,

representational rooms, restaurants, shops,

clubs, offices, catering establishments, public


  • To make decorative coatings at walls, concrete

haberdashery, furniture, wood etc.

  • For use within wet areas, e.g. bathrooms, kitchens,

swimming-pool-rooms etc.

Creativo Concrete Floor

Extraordinary permanence of 2-3 mm layer of the system and its feature to be arranged, among others, on concrete, wood, furniture, worktops or ceramic tiles give Bautech Creativo a wide spectrum of use in interior designing.

Polished concrete floors
Polished concrete walls
Polished concrete floor
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