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About Us

Polished Concrete Floor is an amazing way to make your home, flat or business look elegant with an unlimited amount of design possibilities. Polished concrete looks absolutely stunning anywhere between your own home to a hotel lobby. Polished Concrete Plus offers you huge amount of designs for any commercial and domestic use.

Polished Concrete Plus believes that it can make a magic change to your floor. We can make any boring and gray concrete surface have extremely high gloss, make it easy to clean and with a unique pattern which will last forever. We use HTC Super Floor polishing concrete technology which adds shine to any concrete floor.

The process of polishing is very simple but impressive.

There are few steps which makes a huge difference to new or existing concrete floors: grinding, honing, polishing, routing, hardening, and finally Sealing and Buffering. (If you would like to find out more please read here.)

The Super Floor has a much longer life expectancy compared to any other flooring. When properly maintained, these floors can last for hundreds of years. These floors are very low-maintenance and only need mopping with warm soapy water once a week. They do not support mould-growth and improve natural lighting. Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing , it does not chip or dent like other floor do.

All in all these Super Floors require less work which results in lower cost for a modern, clean and gorgeous addition to your space.

Polished Concrete Plus can guarantee you that after having your floor done you will never go back to old habits and thinking about “normal” floors!


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