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Polished Concrete Floor in Cranleigh

Here at Polished Concrete Plus we give you opportunity to choose how you would like to see your floor. We have various options how we use technology to create amazing floor for your home or business.

Before you will start explore possibilities which we can offer we would like to familiarize you with process of polishing floor itself as we think it is an important part for you before you make any further decisions how your floor look like.

So let’s get started:


How the process itself looks like?

  • grinding some of the parts of concrete to reach its foundations

  •  the use of the special impregnating sealer – it hardens the concrete

  • smoothing and polishing the surface until the closure of micro-pores and

  • thus to achieve the high gloss


Every step of the process increases the shine and reflection of the surface. Because the polishing is a multistep process, coming one after another, clients that are not sure of the intensity of the gloss can decide on the shine after every step of the process. It is also possible to choose a color or just leave it in its natural shade so that it would meet client’s esthetical and maintenance expectations

How it will look after finish?


  • will be smoother than ever

  • be able to breath nabling the water come out of the structure

  • will be ready to be used straight after the polishing process

  •  have anti-slip properties

  • really easy to maintain cl


Is that kind of flooring safe?

The polished concrete meets the policy of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate. Being a natural product – it doesn’t have any scent. It also doesn’t involve any chemicals or solvents that could get into air, or products that could cause allergies. The floor doesn’t raise dust so it leaves the air clean. Thanks to its neutral pH, it doesn’t develop any bacteria, mould or fungi. Besides, the floor doesn’t require an intensive cleaning to maintain cleanliness and good looks, or applying waxes or polymers, and thus use stripers to remove them. All current expenses related to application, removal and maintenance of waxes and polymers will be added to savings.  All of those features make the polished concrete flooring very economical.

Polished Concrete Plus would like to assure all customers that we will make any possible steps to meet your expectations and individual needs as a company. We do understand that every customer is different and have different needs – but we are sure that we will do whatever we are capable of to make the process of polishing the floor meet the expectations.

 And just as a final few words we would like to say that  Superfloor System gives a hard, shiny, esthetical, ecological and environmentally friendly floor. As a result, in the long term, it is also the most ecological technology winning with technologies like application of polymers, or painting with acrylic, epoxy or urethane paints

Do not wait call us and we will give you a free quote!

So what it is actually?

Concrete, under the process of polishing with diamond tools, becomes a beautiful and shiny surface which is easy to maintain. Superfloor System is a method developed by HTC, Sweden brand producing the machines and equipment for preparation, grinding and polishing, which concerns both old as well as the newly created floors. A polished concrete floor obtains a highly resistant finish, which resembles natural stones like marble or terrazzo. Thanks to its toughness, the system characteristic in high resistance to abrasion of its intensive use. That is why it becomes very popular in places of heavy traffic. The method of polishing creates a very flat and smooth surface, ideal for industrial use, which looks beautiful and esthetical in the same time

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