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Microcement Concrete Floor and Walls in Hastings

With Polished concrete and microcement we can create a wide range of unique and aesthetically pleasing possibilities.We can cover anything from walls, floors as well as furniture including worktops, tables, etc...Polished concrete and micro cement has become the leading design in retail stores, offices, trendy restaurants as well as homes within the UK. It is becoming the material of choice amongst top designers.Microcement was created and made popular in France. The origin of its name was “Beton cire” which translates to ‘waxed concrete.’ It creates the appearance and effect of natural polished wax concrete. It is hardwearing however thinner than a conventional concrete (2 mm instead of 4 cm). Due to its notable bonding properties, it can be used over almost any existing surface or substrate. It is the ideal material to be used on top of existing tiles or most surfaces without breaking or removing them.Polished concrete and microcement gives you a huge variety of finishes whether smooth or textured, matt or polished. It is also available in a wide range of premixed colours to give you a customisable finish.

Polished Concrete Plus makes sure to use the best and most adaptable protective sealant. This allows the micro cement to be stain and abrasive resistant while revealing the depth of the shades and beautiful finish. The microcement that we provide is waterproof and easily maintainable which makes this ideal to be used in bathrooms, kitchens or any other wet areas.

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