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Polished Concrete Floor in Brighton - Ultima Decorative Concrete 

Ultima Floor - a system of polished concrete floors for connoisseurs of industrial interiors.

Surprising effect of combination of all advantages of industrial concrete with sophisticated

surface finishing techniques.


To make even,  smooth,  resistant  to

abrasion and heavy use, thin-layered,

polished concrete floors at new and

renovated concrete foundations.

For use in shopping malls, apartments,

flats, representative rooms, shops, train

stations, airports, offices, public buildings.

For use in areas which require resistance

to stains such as kitchens, bathrooms,

restaurants, etc.

Unique solution providing reflexive gloss, high resistance to abrasion, stains and chemical agents. Easy to keep clean.

Its wide range of colours allows to adjust to individual investor`s expectations as well as to create avant - garde, unusual

arrangements. BAUTECH ULTIMA is ideal for places which require durability, originality and highest level of aesthetics.

Polished concrete floor
Polished concrete floor in the kitchen
Polished concrete floors
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