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Microcement walla in Brighton

Polished microcement Walls Brighton

Have you ever thought that you can have beautiful and unique walls? Are you bored of having paint or wall paper when decorating your walls?

Polished Concrete Plus might have an alternative way to make sure that your wall will have one more option to decorate your interiors.


With microcement walls system we are able to create smooth, homogenous surface or for example a two colored design.

This system allows you to turn your microcement wall to high quality design element. As well as being very individual it also becomes very functional. When treated with stone oil, the surface becomes durable, vapour permeable and easy to clean.

Polished Concrete Plus recommends this technique as you have limitless creativity options like: an infinite number of colours, designs, and patterns. 

Installation and polished concrete walls in London SE17  Creativo satin finish.

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Installation microcement walls Brighton
Polished microcement walls in Brighton
Installation microcement Creativi walls in Brighton
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